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The Key to a Happy life

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Get moving with us

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Monkkey Creative Visualisations

Creative Visualisation

Get to know your inner artist, your inner genius and inner chemist, better said the TRUE AUTHENTIC self and shine bright like the star you really are!

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Body Balance/ Fun Yoga

As your body moves your brain improves.

Get to know your body and start to balance your own nervous system.

Easy hacks with instant results!

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The stage is in your head

Life is a gift and with gift there is a party. Instead of waiting for a reason, like a gift or party, to have fun and enjoy life fully. Learn to be the master of your happiness and access it all the time, by creating it from the inside out.

*Guided by Laetitia as your breathing instructor, happy brain coach, body balance, dance and yoga instructor 

*Quick clear understanding on the mind body connection

Get Moving with us


Mind, Body, Soul

Not Sure where to Start?


Each person is unique. That is a scientific and emotional truth.

So we believe we should care, and guide each other in that way.

Each person has a unique life journey, where some can have extra questions.

With this in mind:

Laetitia has a toolbox filled with all sorts of mind body and soul tools, tips and tricks that might be of help on your journey to be…



In need for some extra loving guidance, understanding or tips? Book session and let us show you the key.

Meet our Team

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Laetitia Delens

Happy Brain Coach, Yoga Instructor and Breathing Instructor

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Arne Braeckman

IT Stratigist and Business Coach