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Those who love to ignite the inner fire of happiness to be able to use it as their magic 'monk'key'.

To all individuals, schools and businesses who like to step up and take charge to create the lives we all love.

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Universal love & global happiness!

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♥I teach happy classes to show the importance of the individual their happiness as well as that of the group.

♥Workshops and courses with meditation, yoga breathwork, science, neurology, psychology, biology, soulful empowerment and many more!


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Every Sunday at 12:00 (AM), I host a 10 min live meditation session for every one who wants to join. 

The goal is to get relaxed and free of limiting believes. To feel loved and happy. 

This 10 min brain workout will help you kick-start your day and make you feel calm, focused and energised. 

Hope to see you soon

Lots of love, 


Where to Start?

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Hi, I am Laetitia yourHappiness teacher” 

I teach happiness through meditation.

 It can be your key to accomplish your every need and desire mentally and physically. 

Some of the many examples are: optimal focus, better health, better wealth, better healing, better relationships, mental resilience, quantum manifestations, childhood trauma freeing, destress, find your life’s purpose and so much more…

Mail me:

To ignite and boost the happiness in your business, life or school!