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How to ignite the fire in your employees?


For all companies who want happiness to be the fire that drives the company forward.



Number one issue now a days is lack of focus due to so much distractions and the fast evolving evolution we are going through. The only thing is we never learned how to focus, or better said how to master our own thoughts and emotions, our happiness. The better focus the better quality of work that will be produced, the happier the company and the costumer. It is the key for all to keep enjoy. Why wait for burn-outs, bore-outs or any other to start igniting this happiness within the whole company. Happy people-happy results. An easy formula.


Implementing the importance of mastering ourselves from the individual as well as the company. Mind & body practices in a with modern business approach, which will impacts every area of your company from the leader to each team as well as each individual and costumer. 

Here are a few scientifically proven examples: 

→Optimal focus

→Clear overview of your workflow which makes it more fun

→Healthier mental and physical states of being

→The ability to access flow states at will anywhere, any time

→Prevent burn and bore-out’s

→ Improve brain functions

Fun fact: the practises that we will be using will be unique designed for your firm

♥Happy people means happy business, happy numbers, and happy numbers make happy people!



A 4 day workshop online or offline

Part1. Happy Class

Part2. Silent disco meditation session

Part3. Tools to practise at home/business/life

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Meet Your coach

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Laetitia Delens

Happy Brain Coach, Yoga Instructor and Breathing Instructor

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