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We need
to have ...

"the talk"

For your Business

Happiness coaching on a whole new level


" Ignite the fire in every employee "

♥So it can drive the company forward with passion only.


•An inspirational workshop that will blow minds and make everyone want to take action.

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Key Note

Happiness coaching Public Speaking


"The persuit of happiness"

♥How our happiness impacts everything


• An inspirational workshop 


Happiness coaching in your school


" You are the miracle we need "

♥How your choice can impact your mental and physical well being, that of the class and maybe one day the whole world.


•An inspirational workshops for young and old that will change lives.

contact for happiness

Hi I am Laetitia, Happiness coach

I know the importance of happiness since I have seen it on myself that it is at the source of everything.

And that is not an exaggeration. It is why I have dedicated my life to teaching just how powerful and impactful that is for every area of our life.

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