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Are you happy?

We need to have “the talk”, about who we really are and how that is effecting everything. By pointing out how much you really matter, the importance of each individual their choices leading to our collective quality of happiness. Let’s ignite the fire within each individual to create a massive happiness impact on ourselves and everyone around us!

Enough of this emotional rollercoaster of up and downs, highs and lows.

It is more clear then ever over these last years that our happiness is what we actually all desire and work towards. Not just for our mental well-being, but for our physical health as well. The latest research on the mind & body connection show us that the body does not know the difference between an experience outside of us or one by thought alone. 

So what will it take for all of us to choose our happiness as top priority and how can we?

Is there an actual bigger picture to this idea? There is and I am happy to show you.

This inspirational talk will open your minds to a whole new understanding. Followed by a workshop to activate some happiness of your own bliss and create an opportunity to connect and share this with one an other afterward and during the workshop.

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Meet Your Instructor

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Laetitia Delens

Happy Brain Coach, Yoga Instructor and Breathing Instructor