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Monkkey Awakening

Become the master


Did you know most people think 95 procent the same thoughts as they did the day before and before that and before that…

And our thoughts and emotions are what drive us to take certain choices, certain actions in our life. So the quality of our thoughts reflects the quality of our life.

It’s why it is so important that you know how to work your brain, so you get to be in control. So you get to go of your auto pilot mode and into a life you design. 

You have the ability to map your brain, or wire in thoughts just as you love to design your life. Perhaps you want to be super confident or free of anxiety or pehaps activate neurolagical circuits for healing, whatever it is you love, you can learn to map it in your brain. You can learn to train your brain as your greatest asset and advantage for any situation. This course made that easy.

An easy, scientifically explained step by step manual to know how you can work miracles with your brain.

You will learn how you can easily wire in anything  and break free any emotional blockages that are withholding you from your super potential!

I want you to learn how your kryptonite can be your greatest superpower!

Let’s wire your brain for pure happiness and make you in to the super magnet you deserve to be.

Krik krak let’s unlock the MONKKEY !

Ready to be super charged your happiness?

The monkkey awakening course
How does it work?

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Happy Classes

Become the master your emotions and thoughts and set any trauma or limiting belief free and manifest your dream reality.


♥ 21 Happy Classes

(workshops on the mind-body connection)


Seminar on the workings of your supercomputer brain and mind backed up by the latest scientific research.


Happy Homework, tools and practices. This knowledge is only power if we use it. Step by step build the habits, thoughts, and networks we do love to fire and operate on.


•Brain & body manual and step by step plan to master your happiness (science, fun, practises,..)

•8-9 hours work shop materials

•Plus 1,5 hour bonus materials

•From activating latent systems in the brain you making you in to a super attractor, to forging new neural connections, to hack your habits and happy hormones, you will get to work and activate your super computer brain so it can do the work for you, to set you free and attract the life you love to lead!

Monkkey Silent Disco

Yoga Classes

Your supercomputer brain runs in your whole nervous system as well, you will learn how to tone your nervous system to listen to the programs( our thoughts, emotions and attitude) you do love to run!

Balance the body while training the mind to deeply relax and restore. The better you can use your body in the right way, the better thoughts you will produce. So we must put our knowledge also in to action, therefore we do yoga.

♥9 body balance sessions


We will tone the nervous system and give you the tools to show you how to easily boost physical performance in our 3 main pillars for working out. (flexibility strength and balance)

•Breathwork, flexibility and strength 

•4,5 hours yoga class, VINYASA FLOW (30 min/session)

•Intermitted breathwork with high altitude stimulations, yogi breathing, some nervous system training and deep relaxation, flexibility and strength hacks

*Laetitia is certified instructor with the Oxygen Advantage so all practices taught are safely done with care and thoughtfulness

Monkkey Creative Visualisations


Mindfulness on a whole new level. Become amazed by your own possibilities. Tap in to latent systems in the brain and body. Activate self healing, self love, rejuvenation, relaxation and many more

♥10 meditations

• rejuvenating and healing music, yogi breathing, deep relaxation


•Use of hypnotherapy, intermitted and rhythmic breathwork, cellular healing music for DNA upgrade backed up by the latest science

*certified NLP & happy brain coach Laetitia ,what is NLP?

neuro linguistic programming is learning to map your brain and nervous system as breaking free anything that blocks, these home made meditations are one of a kind and will do the work FOR you, you just have to press play enjoy and relaaaaaax!

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  • WHO?

This course is perfect for anyone who likes to master their own thoughts and emotions and be driven by their inner happiness to manifest their dream lives.

All training videos are subtitles in:

English/ Nederlands/ French/ Spanish

  • WHY?

It’s time you  know the truth about what your mind and body can do for you. The tools in this course have so many advantages scientifically proven. Some of these are: 

*better focus, better health, free emotional traumatic emotions and experiences, overall more energy, detoxing and restoring the nervous system, feeling more relaxed and happy, better memory, attracting the people and job offers you love, accessing flow states, better memory, boosting your physical body with your mental muscle activating self healing physically and mentally. And many more. 

  • HOW?

Happiness and health can be activated within you by learning the science and practise of your thoughts and emotions in our Happy Classes, Yoga and meditation breathwork practices, all combined in 21 workshops. With lot’s of bonuses.

To be done in 21 days, 21 weeks or at your own pace.

And of course a lot of motivation!

Hope to see you soon!

Love & happiness


→      Join the Monkkey awakening,

happiness guaranteed when you become the key!



weekly or monthly check ups and extra personal guidance with me, Laetitia, are possible &

will be billed separately. 


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Monkkey Creative Visualisations

Don't know where to start?

If you are still in doubt, there is no reason, just ask whatever you need to get that weight off you. You can book a private 1:1 call with me for free if you still have any questions before starting this adventure !

Love & happiness

Laetitia, Titi

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