Hi, I'm Laetitia

In Latin that means joy!
I personally think that can’t be a coincidence. So I decided that I want to live up to my name.

those who already know me call me Titi, which to me sounds even more joyous. 


  • Yoga Instructor
  • Breathing Coach
  • Life Long Learner
  • Booknerd
  • Scientific Research lover

My Story

My Story

My biggest passion has always been to dream and to make others smile, believe in the good that resides in people and make them feel pretty and loved. 
Which led me to become a hairdresser and photographer.

Being a hairdresser allowed me to learn so much, and I’m not only talking about hair. I am talking about all different kinds of life stories, knowledge and wisdom while at the same time having the honour to make people feel pretty. At the same time people were sharing stories with me. 

Being a photographer on the other hand is something that has been in my heart from a very small age. I love taking picture, especially portraits. I love showing people how beautiful they are. There is something about those portraits, it makes me feel like I am able to catch a glimpse of people their soul. 
Our beautiful soul, that we often give way to less credit. It gave me an opportunity to show people how beautiful they are on the inside and out.

I now believe and understand why these have been embedded in me. I feel like life is like a puzzle, we can choose to lay the pieces 1 by 1 enjoying the process, or we can choose to get annoyed and smash the whole thing!
For a period of my life I was smashing that puzzle too. 

Like I said, I am a dreamer, for a long time I have seen that as ” a bad thing”. Because people tend to say it is not “realistic”. 
But now I know better. It is actually one of my prettiest qualities. 
I had such a big dream to be independent, to share stories and love with people while doing their hair. Showing them how beautiful they are! By the age of 19 I had my own independent business. But after 2 years, I got very sick, I did not want to believe it myself. But day by day I was getting sicker and sicker. 

I felt so helpless, so much physical pain, that lead to mental pain. I had thousand of questions but was not able to get those questions out of my head. I was anxious, I felt alone. After a while I could not get out of bed and had to rest and sleep all day ling. I had to miss out on all the “fun stuff”. I was not able to enjoy anything anymore. 

It was a dark period of my life, a dark hole that I was not able to climb out, not able to escape from. There was no other choice anymore. I had fought well, I’ve said to myself I will stop working and stay home for 1 month. But quiet soon I realised that 1 month was not enough. I’ve ignored the cry from my body for too long, now my body wanted to heal first. 

First of all I recommend, to always listen to your body even if it seems impossible by your environment or yourself. Your body knows what is best for it. 
I am very grateful my body told me to sit my ass down an take time to listen to it, to heal, to lift myself up to higher level. To find my true path, my true purpose, to see what the world is really like and how I choose to see and engage in that life. I realized I got to choose who I am and who I wanted to be by letting go of my limitations.

Of course now I know better. But how I got it, you will learn to discover as well. To lay our pieces of the puzzle of life. May it inspire you to find the same strength.

Now I love learning and consuming new information, because my purpose is clear.
I am committed to be a life long learner, in just a few months I was able to get back up again. And found that I want to help other people to be able to do the same, there is really no need for so much suffering. That’s why I became a Yoga teacher as well as a breathing instructor. My love for science became so big, that it became a bobby to read scientific articles and books. People deserve to live a life with joy, love and health. People deserve to enjoy life to its fullest potential.

I want to add to this story that I am deeply grateful for all the support and love of my family and friends. And especially my man ‘Arne Braeckman’ who is the cofounder of Monkkey. Together we want to share this knowledge with with you, so you can also learn to transform your life and unlock your heart with the Monk Key.

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