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Have you had enough of living a life hasting and speeding from one place to another? 


Whether it's at your job, at home or on social occasions. Whatever is blocking you right know. I will tell you this right away, it does not need to be, nor does it want to be there. 


We end up making excuses for it, tell ourselves it's a part of our personality. But you are so much more than that. And it's my purpose to show you that. Most people go through life, blocking, surprising or even neglecting their own great gifts.


We all have our clouds, our darkness that is actually our greatest light. Our greatest blessing, our natural ability to be lucky, to be fulfilled, to live a life fuelled by happiness. Not as a goal, but as a result, the cherry on the cake. Cause we've been trying this  approach for centuries.

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Learn to live at your own pace.

Learn to reconnect with your bodies healing capabilities.

Learn to activate neurological pathways for any talent, confidence and self-love.

Learn to get free of your trauma(s) in a loving way.

Learn to find your purpose, passion and drive.

Learn how the universal laws can work for you. 

Learn the nature of reality.

Get to the root of your truth.

Get to the root cause of what is blocking you.

Learn to construct a VIP mindset, heal self sabotaging habitual behaviours.

Whatever it takes to heal the magnetism of your hearts energy so you can start to attract opportunities and positivity.

You will see your whole life will be one big puzzle, now it's time for you to use your key to unlock your greatness. 

You are beautiful, let's teach you to be you

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Know this, your project your own own behaviour toward an other. Because it's how your brain is wired. Therefore you take it with you, like a heavily loaded bag. You try to put the burden unintentionally onto the others around you. 


This was for me the reason to heal myself and choose to keep healing all the negativity that is inside of me. The quality of your life, your work and what we attract, depends on what you send out, what you give back. 


What feelings people receive from you, starts as simple as it can be, with what we think and feel. But as I told you there is a secret key, to end this insanity and become a super attractor  for you own dream life.




The latest scientific breakthroughs allows us to get a greater understanding, of not only the workings or our mind and body, but also of our soul.

Yes that’s right, the universe. We are part of it and now it’s time we learn how to work with it. And it wants you to know that. 

In order to make the great universal law, as I call it “work for you”, we must first learn to align our values and our magnetic energy with it. We can do this by clearing out our mental and physical blockages. There is actual magic inside of you. 

You don’t have to believe me or anything I say, I want you to experience it for yourself, after all, what’s better proof than that? 

To me everything is some form of meditation, it’s about being able to live your life as your true authentic happy self. In order to do so, I have my personal developed toolbox. 

We use what works for you. it’s about learning to live life your way

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All sessions are 1 hour and can take place online or at our headquarters. Start your healing journey here! 

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Happy Side Effects

Happy Side Effects