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4 Workshops for igniting your business happiness

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Mindset Training

  • Have you never wondered why certain individuas are naturally skilled with the ability to stay motivated and engaged in the work they do and others seme to have a harder time doing that? It all comes down to a highly skilled mindset. Yes our mindset is a skill and not something you are naturally born with as a highly functioning thing.

    Every mind is flexible and we have the proof and exitence of neuroplatcicty and neuro genenisis to support that. Neuroplastcicity is the ability of our brain to make new neural connections, which means easier links between certain bits of information you have, and the more links you have the faster you can understand and apply knowledge. And not just that neurogenises tells us that our brain can birth new neurons in itself. Meaning we can enhance the speed and quality of our processing ability of our brain. Leading to easier consumption of knowledge into practice, into experience into wisdom.
    In our own experience confidence comes from the combination from the abobe. And within that confidence sparks happiness when we are able to communicate it clearly so it connects to our audience fright in front of us, wether that is 1 individual or more. Wetehr that is a client, a family member, a manager or even your CEO.
  • Everything starts with learning to regulate what is called emotional resilience and our mindsets. The easiest way to boost neural pastcity and genesis is creating novel experiences and the ability to produce what is called a 'coherent heart and brain connection'. This modern-day science sheds bright daylight on a highly needed solution in plain sight when it comes to our work lives. The financial pressure and social economical have become so high that there is no time for burn or bore-out preventions anymore. It is time to actually clean this mess up. By understanding what we are made of, how we can all improve our mental muscle and why we should.
    Why our happiness and physical well-being depends on it. And the happier you feel, the happier the people you love at home will feel, so in some way all of our relationships depend on it.
    This learnable skillset is teachable to anyone including childeren.
    If you truthfully love to be innovative and care about your people, this is the one proces that you need to give people back what we are all searching for. The fulfillment instead of persuit of our happiness. Simply by understanding the workings of the mind, how to use it right and why we should.
  • Ones we have procesed this fun and exiting information, we move on to embodying the information we just have been given, to be able to present it in mind, body and heart!
  • Don't wait to create or achieve happiness, it's highly needed and urgent for all of us to learn how to create it. That is what true autentic happiness means. The ability to drive intend and purpose within any inidividual.
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Presentation Skills

  • One of the most highly needed skills in life is the ability to communicate and connect to one other. Not only 1 on 1, but also 1 to many, 1 to authoritive figeres, 1 to more clients, 1 to employee, 1 to management. For all these types of conversations, people seem to shift peronalities, postures and attitudes. While this is highly confusing for your brain it's neurology to constantly shift neural networks about who you are depending on which person or quantity of indivudals are in front of you messing up our whole communication and connection system, which is of value to no body.

    Communication and connection seems to have been a skill that most people tell themself is only put aside for the few indviduals, for those who a ' passion ' for it. Passion is something which can be developed and created, passion is just as good a skill as confidence is. Because that is what it all comes down to. The confidence to be happy, to feel safe around anyone, and to dare to speak up for what you know is the right thing to do for not just yourself, but everyone and thus the the company. True confidence roots in happiness, not in who is better, it roots in truthfully wanting what is best for one other and equally sharing the happiness you love to experience. This is a new modern way of thinking which will improve every single aspect of the business.

    To prove this to you, there is no greater thing then to let you experience this for yourself.

    A company can only as great as each individual within that company feels itself.

    That is why there is no greater way to show you the power of happiness, is the power of communication and connection through actual practice.

    Practice allow you to not only take a new perspective, but to physically embody it, since your neurological networks within the nervous system get accounted for within the processes Laetitia uses.

  • 1:1, Laetitia will be actively present 1 day/week for a peroid of 3 months to discover where and why there are certain happiness gaps within certain individuals, all the 1:1 sessions will be strictly confidential unless the participant chooses to want certain information to be passed on.
  • 1 to group, we will divide ourself in groups of 20 people 3 sessions over a period of 3 months to get to work and practice our presentation skills through communication and the improving the ability to connect the right way to one other, no over or under powering the receiving parties of our messages.
  • 1 to all, we will host 3 test moments where everyone get's together, 1 around the middle of our coaching trajectory, 1 right after and 1 a month after. Leading up to the greater event which companies can use as marketing and branding event for either their clients or as a fun way to show your confidence as a company in your employee in their ability to share knowledge to your clients, which is eventually what you will want them to be able to do in their every day working environment. The goal is to make each indiciual matter and self-relient in a way that we are relient on taking care of one other and the company. Just as we see in any healthy self-regulating environment in nature. Cells survuive and thrive not because of their indivualistic state, but because of their ability to commmunicate and connect the right way. And that is what I love to see within your company and every employee.
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Hot Seat

  • What better way to know if your employees are happy then putting it up to the test.

    This high quality skill is only as valuable as it is mastered within every indivdual of a certain group.
    Therefro we want to put our practice to use by turning our hot seat coaching sessions where we practice our presentation skills to the test by creating a real life experience and oppertunity to show the work that each individual has done on themself in order to bring value to group/clients.

    To do so we help you set up your very own happiness project. Where we create a real-life environment where people get the chance and in some cases the 'gentle loving' push to step out of their comfort zone in to the spotlight to speak up about a subject they stand for within the company and deeply love excuting.

    Speeches will be written in private and practices will be done in our 1:1 private sessions for those who will be in need for extra counseling.

    We do not want to force or pressure anyone, as this proces will be gentle and has been proven to work on many individuals Laetitia has guided previously.

Choose Happiness

More resilient employees when it comes to stress
Healthy  internal trust between employees
Clear effortless communicationbetween individualsand leading authorities
authentic and sustainable happiness in each individual
Better overall health, both physically as mentally
Prevention of bore-outs, stress outs and burn-outs, anxiety, overwhelm, of each individual from boss to board and employees
Clear forward thinking Mental clarity, order and structure
supercharged motivation and inspiration
Employees who love going to work driven by passion with purpose
Alignment of core company values within each employee

Just Imagine...
1.If your employees could be driven by that same strong feeling you feel in your gut, heart and brain, that one vision which is so crystal clear in the way you feel but perhaps can't always put into empowering messages and words or clear communications that people take in the right way without getting afraid or being assaulted by what you as leader or manager say.

2.Your employees could just transparently feel safe to share where they are at what worries they have within the company, without only being able to satisfy them by throwing bonus after bonus to them. So you could provide them with the answers that will satisfy them in the right way without ending up, overpromising or pleasing, putting everyone else at including yourself financially and emotionally at risk.

3.Creativity, all wired in the brain and nervous system why its permant, they know themself how to make themself happy and take charge with confidence about the task they do in the company, now the importance of the core company values als hard wired drive

4. Each individual could become so happy and fulfilled that there is no reason, to complain or feel lack leading to more effortless communication, connection and consistency of productivity within each individual as well as the leading authorities roles.

5. You could wave a magic wand to prevent all those upcoming burn-out, bore-outs, stress-outs or freighted employees to speak up when they need to to their busy boss.

6.That there is a way to make everyone happy without burning out or ending up with a feeling of guilt or overwhelm of all your responsibilities as boss, manager or employee.