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21 days to start attracting your dream life while empowering the mind and body

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  • 21 days of Happy Classes containing:
  • All you need to know science,on the mind-body connection to regain self-awareness and power up your mental well-being

    How to achieve a peaceful mind even if you are the most stressful person

    How to heal the brain-heart and gut connection
  • How to hack your happy hormone levels
  • How to break the emotional thinking and feeling loop
  • How to get rid of overpowering habits & beliefs

    How to boost your self-esteem, know your value and hard-wire it into your habitual thinking patterns

    How to become the leading authority of your hearts story
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Mind-body Workout

  • 9 Body Balance Work-out videos

    Breathwork Science and practical tools to master stress & anxiety

    Breathwork Classes to improve physical capacity and strenght (the secret of mentally resilient athletes)

    Breathwork Classes to enhance your feeling of relaxation within the body within any stressful situation
  • Visualisation training:
    How to build effortless muscle mass and flexibility through the power of the mind
  • Nervous system enhancement and reset training

    Mental training:
    train your body to become comfortable in stressful situations
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personal development

  • 9 powerhouse recordings to transform your automatic negative thinking patterns into happiness, self-love & success

    Vibrational healing sessions through creative visualisation techniques to train your mental performance

    Brain enhancing music, to boost brain and heart coherence ( the effeciency in your left and right side of your brain's hemispheres to work together instead of against one other, will boost the communication between the signals that your heart and brain exchange with one other)
  • Activating your ability to attract more abundance in any form and to lead a life of happiness and purpose through knowing what it is you really want

    Knowing why you feel the way you do, knowing why you sometimes get stuck where you do and how to break through it

Food Masterclass
The science and techniques of intermitted fasting
Our secret to a healthy gut
Practical teachings on vital vitamins and in which foods to find them

Posture Clinic Masterclass
Improve your life throuh improving the stability of your spine through knowing the exact tips and tricks to effiently improve your posture from your feets pressure points, all the way to the stabilization of your spine through your hips and belly position all the way to your shoulders balance and neck

Sleep Masterclass

Shower cold-exposure recording
This session allows you to effortlessly kick your butt, to get into that cold shower with a smile and the right breathing techniques

Restoring sleep recording
This theta-healing session allows you to effortlessly restore your brain and nervous system while you are sleeping, allowign you to wake up feeling energized, exited & rejuvinated

All the science and deeper therapeutic benefits behind the used techniques explained in detail

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Awakening Journey


Happy Monkkey Awakening:

  • — Find your confidence
  • — Get the Right Mindset
  • — Bring Balance to the body and the mind
  • — Activate the law of attraction
  • — Become a Happy Monkkey
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Happy Monkkey Awakening:

  • — Find your confidence
  • — Get the Right Mindset
  • — Bring Balance to the body and the mind
  • — Activate the law of attraction
  • — Become a Happy Monkkey
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