What you'll see?

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My Story

  • How I got where I am today
  • How I discovered that happiness is the key
  • How I was able to neurologically wire happiness into my body ( you can skip this part of you only want the workshop )Be driven by the right mindset and skillsets
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Power Workshop

  • Happiness coaching
  • How to break recurring emotional stress loops
  • How to reclaim your self-worth and confidence
  • How to discover your purpose from your passions
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The start-up mentallity

  • What to expect from the 1:1 mentorship program
  • Roadmap

Become the leading authority of your story

This is for you if...
1. You had enough of the stressful rat-race and want to live life at a more healthy, loving and very powerful and impactful way!

2. Have enough of living in stressful overdrive feeling overwhelmed , feeling as if it almost feels stronger then yourself and you perhaps even started to belief that 'stress' is just something you have to deal with as an identity. See how anything you do not love experiencing emotionally is not meant to be stuck in there!

3. Feel you just want to be happy, have happy thoughts without self-sabotaging behaviour.

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Stop chasing, start creating

If not NOW, then WHEN?
The time is only as right as we make it

Book a call:Who said money can't buy happiness?

1. What is the reason you feel called to work with me?

2. What struggles are you currently most facing and have been in the past that led you to be stuck were you currently feel you are?

3.What is your biggest dream in life for yourself and the work you want to do in the world?

Let's lit your soulpreneur urge on fiyaaaa!Love and kindness
Happiness coaching queen Laetitia !